Cuba Stole My Heart

by Aysha Griffin on May 13, 2016

This post is from the introduction to my book in progress, “Cuba Stole My Heart.”
Please consider joining me and a group of friends for the next
Journey for the Creative Spirit!” to Havana
Nov. 30-Dec. 8, 2016.

School for the arts, Havana

Instituto Superior del Arte, Havana

Cuba embraced me and I returned with a kiss. It was spontaneous, unimagined, unbidden… at least on a conscious level. Since my first visit, March 2013, I became enraptured, entangled and connected. My best friends, valued acquaintances, two adopted families, and baby godson live there. But for a chance encounter, a moment in time/space that cracked open, I would not have been ushered into this astonishing and complex world which has become an integral part of my life.

Without Latin decent and having lived and traveled extensively in the English-speaking world, Cuba was never on my mind or in my heart, as it is for all exiles. So I am surprised and delighted to find myself so deeply intrigued and absorbed by this society ostensibly on the verge of change.

I suspect my personal connection lies in fascination with those who have stayed through all the challenges and deprivations of the revolution, committed to home-as-place and family, a sense of belonging I’d sought but had evaded me. And I relate to the perennial Cuban struggle for identity as a people, a community and society, as it too is part of my search.

This is the story of my Cuban experiences over 3 years and five visits totally 6 months. It is not a guidebook in any traditional sense, although I hope you gain insight and guidance to serve if you are planning a trip to Cuba, or simply enjoy a personal journey informed by this island nation, which even its own citizens rightly describe as “complicado.”


Writer’s Marketing Workshop in San Miguel de Allende

by Aysha Griffin on December 21, 2015

marketing your book with loveMarketing Your Book With Love –
Sell Your Book And Nurture Your Soul

Tuesday January 12, 2016 • 10am-2:45pm
San Miguel de Allende Biblioteca Sala Quetzel

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Learn about the Workshop
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Overwhelmed by “the business” of marketing your books? I’ll show you how to replace the fear and drudgery of marketing with a new paradigm that ignites your creativity, uses your style, life experience and passion… and can actually be fun!

In this 4-hour workshop/presentation, you’ll learn:
• The truths and myths about building an author platform.
• What marketing avenues work best for you.
• Why Amazon rankings are key to sales and how to increase yours.
• How, why and where to leverage your time and effort through social, print and broadcast media, joint ventures, PR and other ways you choose to attract your readership, promote and sell your books, and make money.

You’ll leave the workshop with the beginnings of an effective roadmap for your self-nurturing marketing plan,
and the clarity and motivation to follow it.

Whether fiction or non-fiction, in any genre, this workshop will provide real tools and inspiration to bring your voice and heart to successfully parent a healthy, thriving “baby.”

About the presenter:

Aysha Griffin is a business and marketing coach, writer/editor/publisher and former print and broadcast journalist. Known for fusing the artistic, visionary, and practical to empower creative individuals to Inhabit Your Dreams! she has published more than 400 freelance articles in lifestyle, business and travel magazines and 20+ books for clients and herself. A pioneer in desktop publishing, Aysha has owned a marketing/communications agency since 1985, helping hundreds of businesses, non-profits and creatives clarify their vision and achieve their goals. She is author and publisher of Leonardo’s Revenge and Other Stories and the upcoming Marketing Your Book With Love – A Writers’ Guide To Selling Your Books While Nurturing Your Soul.

A resident of San Miguel de Allende for 4 years (formerly from Santa Fe, NM), Aysha has been traveling and working with clients internationally since 2011. She presented this popular workshop for 4 years in a row at the San Miguel Writers’ Conference and elsewhere. Come and discover how you can market your book with love!

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