Don’t Make Friends With Fear


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Before you leave home, create a support network.

With phones, text, email, social networks and free online communications, it’s easy to stay in touch.

Here’s list of ways to feel and be safer on the road and at home…

• Designate a most-trusted person. This is your primary contact should you have any problems. Leave with them a copy of:
– your passport
– driver’s license
– credit cards (front and back)
– insurance policies
– itinerary (or any reservations or plans if you have them)
– contact information for your:
– doctor
– dentist
– financial accounts
– lawyer or legal papers (copies of medical directives, wills, etc.)
– relatives
– close friends
– others
– passwords to your key online accounts – most people overlook this. But should “something happen” to you, it may be critical to access your online banking, social media and paid accounts.

• Carry their contact info in your wallet and write it on the inside page of your passport, “In case of emergency, contact:…”

• If you have serious allergies, consider wearing a medical necklace or at least tape this info into your passport and have it in a prominent place in your wallet as well.

• Exercise reasonable caution. P1000454
– Don’t walk alone in neighborhoods you don’t know, especially at night.
– Don’t stay in places that don’t feel right to you.
– Take a taxi instead of public transport if you are uncertain.
– Get a local Sim card (phone number) for your smart phone and know (program in) key local emergency phone numbers, your hotel, local taxi and any local friends or connections you may have.
– Protect your money – always use an across-shoulder purse with secure back pocket, a money belt around your waist or travel clothing with a hidden zippered pocket.

• Travel light so you have less to keep track of.
– Stay organized – always put things in the same place so you can easily find them and not waste time looking or fearing you’ve lost them.
Read more on how to do this.

• Stay conscious. Engage with your surroundings. Make friends. Enjoy life!

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