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Vision Boarding – Consciously Create Your Future
Workshops for Individuals, Families and Groups

VISION BOARD WORKSHOPS: Aysha spends time in Santa Fe, New Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and other beautiful places on the planet. She offers this workshop by request. Materials included, 4 hours: $40 USD. Space limited. Please email or Skype [inhabityourdreams] to inquiry about an upcoming workshop or schedule one. Let’s envision a wonderful 2012!


vision boarding with Aysha Griffin


Vision Boarding, or Dream Boarding, is a simple, fun process of letting your imagination run wild, giving you insight into your soul’s dreams and heart’s desires.

Using images and words from magazines, personal photos and memorabilia or whatever strikes your fancy, a collage is created that speaks to the things, feelings, people, aspirations and experiences that are important and meaningful to you now.

When you tap into your subconscious mind in this playful, stress-free way, it can and will surprise you!

A vision board can be approached in many ways, such as a panoramic board that addresses many aspects of your life – relationships, finances, community engagement, work, travel, health (as pictured above) – or explores one specific aspect in more depth. You can also create a board around one event, such as a wedding, anniversary, vacation or major purchase.

It can be a particularly powerful tool for a couple or family to do together in envisioning a new home, business venture or any major life change. Business teams can also benefit from the collaborative effort of imagining a new project or direction.

Whatever your circumstances, Vision Boarding presents a delightful opportunity to explore possibilities and come away with new insights and energy for manifesting your now-visible dreams. It is satisfying to participants to create this work of art in half a day, and then watch these dreams manifest over a typically short period of time. Facilitating and guiding this process is my pleasure.

A 4-hour workshop. Email Aysha for details.

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