Day of Alignment and Forgiveness

The Second Greatest Alignment Day In The History Of The Earth

One is the number of individuality, undivided, pure, soverign, united, harmonious. Alignment means: a state of agreement or cooperation among persons, groups, nations, etc., with a common cause or viewpoint. In terms of self, it means integrating, embracing, loving all the various parts, which often requires forgiveness to accomplish.

Today is, by our calendar, a very special day for considering the meaning of One. I share with you some thoughts from an email by Mark Ivar Myhre, author of Emotional Times, with his kind permission. I would love to hear what the meaning of Oneness, and this day, means to you. (Please leave your comments below).

I don’t know much about numerology but I do see all those ones, and here’s what I’m seeing: The time between 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM on November 11 2011 will be a high energy time to work on yourself.  The second greatest alignment date in the history of the earth, after Nov 11, 1111, which is obviously the first.  But we’re here now.  So let’s do it now.

Nothing but ones.  What does that mean?  Oneness.  Wholeness. Complete.  And new beginnings.  And most of all, it means alignment.
How can I get aligned with myself?
How can I be true?
How can I be one with myself?

It starts with processing. Which usually means getting out paper and pen and just writing stuff down.  Get it out of you.  Get it out.  Write until you can’t write anymore.

Then you’ve got something to work with, on this day of becoming more of who you are.  Do your processing, by writing out whatever is on your mind.  It should flow out of you easily this day.

Then, after spending 20 minutes or more letting your feelings and thoughts flow out on paper, take a break for a little while. Give it an hour.  Then look back over what you’re written with a sharper eye, compliments of this ‘alignment date’.  Let the enhanced energy of this day put a razor’s edge to your vision and comprehension.

Look at what you’ve written.  Look for the voice of the ‘lesser’ in you. Look for the whine.  Look for the part of your consciousness that is whining on the paper.  Get a sense of the part of you that is adrift.  It’s drifted off into pity or martyr or blame or rage or pain or guilt or shame or…

A part of you.  It’s become separate, but now it’s time to reunite. Realign.  Get in alignment.  Here’s how:

You want to understand this part of you as much as you can.  It should be a little easier to do this today.  Your senses should be enhanced, at least a little bit.  So seek to understand the consciousness behind the words you’ve written on the pages.  Most likely it will be a scared child or a scared adolescent, or have
some sort of flavor of youth to it.

And it might be angry.  It might even be angry at you.  Whatever it is, you want to love it and accept it and embrace it as much as you can.  “This is me.”

Take ownership of yourself.

Love yourself, as you also love this part of you.

Can you see this part of you – as a shape or a face or a light or an image or a color or a radiance of energy?  Can you hear it? Can you feel it?  Can you get a sense of what or who it is?

Now, after letting it speak on paper, after getting a sense of it, after understanding it, after loving it…

Now, forgive it.

“I understand, you separated from me, out of the pain and shame and fear and anger…  It was too intense, so you had to separate.  I couldn’t handle it.  So you took the hit for me.  You took the burden.  You took my pain… and my intensity.”

You say.  “And now,” you add, “I’m going to make it right.  I’m going to take responsibility for what I’ve created… for what I’ve done.

“And therefore, I forgive you; I forgive myself for creating the circumstances that caused you to break off from me, and I forgive you for living it.”

And after the forgiveness, the two of you merge into one, which you can do just by imagining some sort of image of this part of your consciousness in front of you, and then walking into it.  Or it walks into you.  Or both.

One.  Oneness.  Becoming whole.  That’s what this day is about. And this is just one way you can work with the energy to help yourself to become more of who you are, and less of who you are not.

Mark Ivar Myhre
The Emotional Healing Wizard

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2 Comments Day of Alignment and Forgiveness

  1. Susan Cobb November 13, 2011 at 10:23 am

    Thanks, Aysha, for sharing this important perspective. While we may look to the stars and the skies for celestial alignment, what we do in our individual lives, here in the nitty gritty of EVERY day existence, will do more to shift planetary consciousness.

  2. Aysha Griffin November 13, 2011 at 11:11 am

    Susan, Thank you for your comment! I know that our reality is all an internal job, and forgiveness is the key to letting love flow through us. Miss you, amiga!

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