San Miguel de Allende sunset from La Azolea bar in Centro. We all travel in different ways, to learn and become whatever it is we set out to, in incarnating as this specific human being. While some fulfill this through a deeply rooted sense of place, family and history, my path seems to encompass many geographic locales and the gathering of a global “tribe” of remarkable individuals I’ve come to call “The Kind and Conscious.”

As we each journey through life, we encounter inevitable losses which, hopefully, soften our hearts to the vulnerabilties and fears of each living being in this precarious, fleeting existence, and engender compassion.

In these pages, I hope to share with you the adventures, Serendipties, learnings, and the characters I meet along the way. If anything I share is useful or resonant, I hope you’ll share it with your family, tribe or social network, and add your experiences and wisdom.

Travel well!Aysha


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