Financial Fluency

“Where Does All My Money Go?”

Shift your Relationship to Money from Apprehension to Appreciation:
a Presentation for Creative Individuals

financial literacy

Anxiety be gone! Understand where your money comes from and where it goes.

Stop fooling yourself: Get real about what you spend money on, and receive support to consciously prioritize and live in greater peace.

Get a handle on your spending habits and compulsive behaviors – they aren’t serving you, and you know it! Being “broke” is not the same as being “poor”. And being either serves no one.

Change your relationship to money and have more fun and freedom. Learn how to leverage your time and effort for more long term, consistent revenue. Enjoy freedom from worry and increase the creativity, joy and love in your life!

This presentation (90 minutes) has been given to Small Business Administration entrepreneurs, art centers and individuals artists. It is offered to individuals and groups (arts and cultural associations, non-profit associations, cooperatives) upon request.

For more information and to schedule a presentation for your group, contact Aysha Griffin.