Praise For Workshop: Marketing Your Book With Love

Comments from Workshop Attendees

Your workshop both inspired me and  opened my eyes to new possibilities. I’m all fired up now. Already created an account on CreateSpace!  You’ll be seeing my name with progress reports on one or more of your social networks. Thank you again! – Gail Summers

What an iconoclast you are. We’d just been through 3 workshops urging us to get on the the social media bandwagon big time. You gave us confirmation of the desireability to be myself, do what I love, and always do it with love. Bernard Ewell, art appraiser and author of Artful Dodgers

Your presentation was brilliant, with much heart and humor and I noticed a lot of heads , besides my own, nodding in agreement. – Sarah K Lukas, The Art of Exile: Paintings by Tibetan Children in India

Aysha, You are one of the best teachers I’ve ever had! You showed me more about WordPress in 15 minutes than I’ve been able to figure out in months of trying on my own. – Mike Settle

I loved the parenting paradigm and the freedom from wasting time creating an author platform. Yay! – Carol Turner

Very enlightening, highly informative and greatly encouraging! – Alistair Palmer, Weekend Dad

To the point, spot on, all current, no B.S. or useless history.  I really enjoyed this workshop. – Stephen R. Nelson, author

“Thanks for introducing us to creative ideas for marketing and reminding us to be true to ourselves.” – Anon.

Aysha has a great presence! I love her concept, which she presented with an organized and fun PowerPoint and useful handouts. I only wish we had more time to go more deeply, as this was the most valuable class of the whole [San Miguel Writers’] conference. – Anon

Learning to uncover, clarify and communicate the passion for writing my book has been invaluable! Your workshop was exceptional.  – Patricia Greer

Aysha has an incredible gift for listening and observing and then distilling and articulating the essence of what is most true and relevant for both the artist and her audience. Karen Wight, sculptor and jewelry designer

Aysha is an interesting and engaging presenter who clarified many of my questions. – Anon.

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